First meeting of IEARN Steering Committee

The IEARN steering committee gathered for the first time on January 7th 2014, at the India International Center in Delhi.

Members of the committee discussed the activities carried out since 2007 and the perspectives of the network after 2014. Possibilities of new research themes were proposed.


  • Sunil Khilnani, King’s India Institute, chairman of the network
  • Philipp Dann, University of Giessen/ Wissenchaftskolleg Berlin
  • Samuel Jubé, IAS-Nantes
  • Sitharamam Kakarala, CSCS Bangalore
  • Shail Mayaram, CSDS New Delhi
  • Aspasia Nanaki, IAS-Nantes
  • Joachim Nettelbeck
  • Shalini Randeria, Graduate Institute
  • Kavita Singh, SAA JNU New Delhi
  • Yogendra Yadav, CSDS New Delhi
  • Pauline Boudant, IAS-Nantes


Could not attend the meeting: Andreas Eckert (FTS Berlin), Nick De Hollander (NIAS Wassenar), Tapati Guha Thakurta (CSSS Calcutta), Pratap Mehta (CPR New Delhi), TCA Rangachari, Pierre Rosanvallon (Collège de France Paris), Martin Roth (Victoria and Albert Museum London) and Bjorn Wittrock (SCAS Uppsala),