The Indian-European Advanced Research Network is an informal network of research institutions based in Europe and in India, whose purpose is to foster research where the cooperation between European and Indian scholars arises through common interests and sense of shared predicaments.

The network is not designed to conduct the research itself. Its endeavor is to initiate and to encourage a new style of research between the participating institutes through a series of “conversations”, workshops and small meetings structured on a regular basis, which lead to further specific research activities within each of the participating institutes. The network thus seeks to develop communities of academics, intellectuals, practitioners and policy makers, drawn from Europe, India, and across the world, who are able to formulate and recognize common problems requiring study and research: research which can show what is at once particular and universal to these common problems. In focusing on the European and the Indian experiences, the network simply intends to provide the initial material from which to draw questions of sufficient breadth and precision. But other relevant partners may be associated to the dialogue, especially from China and Africa.

Since 2007, the network has chosen to support six focus areas:

  • History of Political Ideas
  • Law, Politics and Constitutionalism
  • Museums and Art History
  • History of Sciences in India and China
  • Social Democracy in India and China
  • The Social Life of Commercial Trust
  • Forum Transregionale Studien - Berlin
  • The Graduate Institute | Geneva
  • Nantes Institute for Advanced Study

Next Workshops

The Social Life of Commercial Trust: Comparative Historical Perspectives from Asia, Africa and Europe, 1600-1950.

November; 08-09, 2023
BITS, Pilani, Goa

Third workshop: "Writing trust into the history of capitalism(s): histories of Asia, Africa and Europe in a comparative perspective."


India-Africa: Towards a Dialogue of Humanities

December, 13-14-15, 2022
IAS Nantes, France

The project “India-Africa: Towards a dialogue of humanities” wishes to open a space of reflection mutual to India and Africa, which would produce a transfer of the “view from afar”, by escaping the colonial links constituting the dialogue India-Europe and Africa-Europe

The Social Life of Commercial Trust

January 08-09, 2020
Mumbai, India

Second Workshop ot "the Social Life of Commercial Trust" Focus Area: "Technologies of trust: Law, Custom and Procedure in historical and comparative perspective"

Transformative Constitutionalism (1)

September 19-20, 2019
Gießen, Germany

First Workshop of the "Distribution and Law" Focus Area


Anthony Clavier and Mélanie Leclair
Scientific Coordination
Nantes Institute for Advanced Study and

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