Third Workshop

Pilani (Goa), 08-09 November 2023


The Third Workshop of the Focus Area "The Social Life of Commercial Trust: Comparative Historical Perspectives from Asia, Africa and Europe, 1600-1950", will take place at the Goa International Centre, Pilani (Goa) on 08-09 November 2023.

The workshop will revolve around : "Writing trust into the history of capitalism(s): histories of Asia, Africa and Europe in a comparative perspective."

The conveners are Prof. Lakshmi Subramanian (Centre for Studies in Social Sciences) and Prof. Yannick Lemarchand (University of Nantes).

Concept Note

Academic Programme

8 November 2023

 10-10.15                                 Remarks from the Director

10.15-10.45                            Introducing the workshop

                                                  Lakshmi Subramanian and Yannick Lemarchand


10.45-11.45                            Keynote address by Pierre Gervais :
                                                 “Historicized trust, Eurocentric trust? The path to disentangling
                                                 a situated European market imperialism from world capitalist growth"

                                                 Session will be chaired by Farhat Hasan

11.45-12                                 Tea/Coffee

 12-1.30                                  Trust Networks: Comparative perspectives

 Chairperson                         Lewis Wade

 Speakers                              Cisse Chikouna, ‘Intercultural trade, networks and modes of trust in
                                                 the Jula merchant diaspora’.

                                                 Santanu Sengupta, ‘Family and beyond: Property, inheritance and
                                                 Trust in the last will of Edward Raphael’.

 1.30-2.30                              Lunch

2.30-3.30                               States and Markets: Perspectives from France and Mughal India     

 Chairperson:                       Yannick Lemarchand

 Speakers:                            Farhat Hasan, ‘Trust, Conflicts, and the Shaping of Norms in Juridical
                                                Spaces: Legal Pluralism and the State in Early Modern South Asia.

                                                Lewis Wade, Fabricating Trust: French Woollen Cloth in Asian Markets
                                                under Louis XIV’.

 3.30-4.30                              Communities and Capitalist practices in western India

 Chairperson:                       Pierre Gervais

 Speakers                             Ghulam Nadiri, Capitalist practices in Early modern Gujarat

                                                Rusheed Wadia, The Parsees of Bombay

 4.30-5.00                             Tea/Coffee

 5.00-6.00                             Online session Regimes of speculation and vernacular capitalism

 Speakers                             Ritu Birla, Thoughts on Codes of Trust and Regimes of Speculation:  
                                               Is Crypto Vernacular?

                                                Meghna Chaudhuri, Trust in Value: Cotton and the Land Market during
                                                Bombay’s Share Mania.

 8 P.M.                                    Conference Dinner, Goa International Centre


9 November 2023

 10.30-11.30                        (Hybrid session) Trade, Finance and Banking and markets in a
                                              changing global order: the dynamics of imperialism and nationalism

 Chairperson:                      Ghulam Nadiri

 Speakers:                          Shweta Bannerjee, Paper Currency and Swadeshi Banking: Money and
                                             the State in Colonial India 1910 – 1930.

                                              Jerome Sgaard, ‘Imperial Politics, Open Markets and Private Ordering:
                                              The Global Grain Trade (1875-1914)."

 11.30-12.30                       Panel Discussion (Sunil Khilnani, Yannick Lemarchand, Lakshmi
                                             Subramanian, Farhat Hasan and Lewis Wade)

                                             Reflections on the network

 12.30- 1.30                       Lunch



Yannick LEMARCHAND, Professor emeritus, Nantes University, and Correspondent member, IAS-Nantes, France

Lakshmi SUBRAMANIAN, Professor, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta, India



Santanu SENGUPTA, Assistant professor, Calcutta University, India

Farhat HASAN, Professor, University of Delhi, India

Scott LEVI, Professor, Ohio State University, USA

Rusheed WADIA

Lewis WADE, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Jérôme SGARD, Professor, CERI, SciencesPo Paris, France

Pierre GERVAIS, Professor, University Paris 3, France

Cisse CHIKOUNA, Associate professor, University of Cocody, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Ritu BIRLA, Associate professor, University of Toronto, Canada

Ghulam NADRI, Professor, Director of Asian Studies Center, Georgia State University, USA

Shweta BANERJEE, Vanier Doctoral Scholar, University of Toronto, Canada


Najaf HAIDAR, Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India