Previous intersections workshops

York University, April 8-10, 2011

This first Intersections workshop was a three-day collaborative experiment that brought together scholars from Canada, the United States, India, and Great Britain in attempt to bridge the history and anthropology of science and technology in China and India.
Participants were asked to formulate potential research projects and evaluate the state of the field. Our goal was to produce—together—new work on China and India that would not only advance the history of science in those areas, but challenge the methods and assumptions of the broader field.
Workshop events were designed to build connections between scholars from diverse backgrounds and establish common ground for a long-term research community. Participants alternated between large group discussions about problems and resources, theoretical and methodological issues, and objectives, and small group activities designed to help teams formulate concrete research projects. Participants joined a public lecture by Victoria Marshall, from New York University’s India-China Institute..

King’s India Institute, King’s College London, April 12-14, 2012

The two main goals of this workshop were to think collectively about the framework of our collaboration, and to decide on the products of this collaboration. Towards our framework, we intensively discussed two questions: (1) what is the narrative of twentieth century history of science? Where are India and China in it? And (2) what is the narrative of twentieth century India and China? Where are science and technology in it?

Jon Agar (University College London and author of Science in the Twentieth Century and Beyond  (Polity,  2012) joined the discussions.